Artist Collaboration Program

Tattoo Tribe is a Collective like no other, working globally & supporting self employed artists across the globe. 

We’re a Tattoo Merch & Education collective that shares profits with the contributing artist on every sale (25% of profits from each sale)

The plan is simple - We want you to do what you are best at, & that’s Create Awesome Art & we’ll take care of everything else (Marketing, Merch Manufacturing, Shipping, Returns & Customer care)

Submit your artwork for review via email at

We have room for about 100 artist series designs for the entire year, with that said let's get to the details of getting your art on a Tattoo Tribe.

Stay True - Start by assessing the technical skill of your art. If your art is at a beginner level & looks unfinished, it's probably not ready for a t-shirt yet! Make sure the art is finished up, we respect very much, the tattoo artists that came before us and try to live up to their high standards.

Study - If you're interested in collaborating, study some of the designs we already have. The stories tend to stay the same: tattoo-influenced imagery from traditional tattoos will always be preferred, so things like skulls, dragons, females, dangerous creatures like snakes and tigers will almost always get chosen over non Tattoo related iconography. 

Creativity is important to us, and we want you to be creative. That being said, people might not want products that are too explicit in the images they wear at work or out with friends. There's a fine line between art and aversion and we like to walk it.

Tag #TattooTribe (on Instagram) or email Putting your art in front of us is a great way to get discovered. We will go through your IG and If we find some art we think works for a future season we will most definitely reach out to you. 

Don't be discouraged if we don't get back to you. We have just started & are getting a ton of art requests already. It's impossible to get back to everyone although we do try.

Make note, we design about half a year in advance. Even once approved, be patient, we'll try our best but it might be another 6 months before your work is featured on the website.

I hope this has helped, and I really hope it motivates you to get your art hat on. As with almost every successful tattoo artist, the best ones draw a lot of art and never stop improving. You can find success by working hard at your craft and hustling hard.

:) V. Shiva.

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