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Party on Roof

What started as one man’s effort to battle the financial uncertainty of Covid has now matured into a collective of Tattoo Artists who make perpetual royalty on the artwork they create, all influenced by our global tattoo culture.

Tattoo Tribe is heavily inspired by the traditions of Tattoo art from across the globe & greatful to all the souls who came before us. We’re steeped in tried & tested art & tattoo principles & intend to share our experiences with the world.


We want to Elevate the Appreciation of Tattoo Art through Education. (Tattoo Courses, Brush Sets, Tattoo Design Stamp sets)

We want to Elevate the Artist life via Perpetual Royalty on their artwork. (Artist will also own the Intellectual Property Rights to the Art)

We want to Elevate the Global Tattoo Art scene through community building & learning from one another. (Live Online Seminars & Events)

We believe in Co-Operation & not Competition. We support all types of Tattoo Artists & Tattoo Art Collectors, regardless of where they come from or.

We Appreciate the Process more than the Product & if you feel the same way, we might be a perfect fit !

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